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        Establishes in 2003 ,Xideli Hardware & Plastic Factory is consisted of art tools production base and packaging plant.It is located at Putian town,Jiedong County,Jieyang city,Guangdong Province ,and plant site is just 20 meters away from the highway exit,with convenient tarnsportation and beautiful environment.

        Our factory is a professional enterprise engaged in design ,production and marketing of hardware products.With advanced technology and good mangaement system,We pursue the high-quality product and excellent reputation,which has laid a solid foundation for our development .Our products sell well all over the country,and well reveived by clients with favorite praise.Base on high-quality requirements and profound capability ,we have become a leading company in the industry by insisting on business philosophy such as technology innovation.joint development ,facusing on quality and service,in order to create the top-grade products and outstanding reputation,as well as benefit the customers.

        We will cooperate and progress with our old or new clients nationwide and worldwide,by offering high-quality products,reasonable price and perfevt service based on mutual benefit principle.

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